welcome, I don't have much to show on here yet, but i'm posting the development of any designs and drawings I have worked on and working on, I'm always working on improving so the occasional bit of advice is welcome.



im literally playing pokemon and drinking an espresso martini in a bar right now what is my life

ideal that’s what your life is

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just bc someone has low self esteem or has depression doesnt mean theyre not fucking disgusting and manipulative and i keep having to learn this lesson over and over

If someone uses their mental illnesses as an excuse to hurt you without apologizing you get the fuck out of there. My abuser would use it as an excuse and make me feel guilty for my hurt feelings because it wasn’t his fault he was cruel to me.

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Quality role model Stan Pines

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Anna Kendrick Plays Ariel in Little Mermaid Parody on SNL [Video]

it was removed, heres a new link http://www.metatube.com/en/videos/231998/SNL-Anna-Kendrick-Host-Ariel-The-Little-Mermaid-Sketch/ 

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The elastic waistband trick – so you can get a little more stretch out of your favorite jeans before stocking up on maternity pants. Have a trick or two up your sleeve? Submit them here.

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A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human

Dear Kitten


okay, but seriously

please tell me if

  • im being too rude / gone too far
  • i have said something offensive
  • something i have said is wrong

and tell me how i have done any of this

dont just say “youre rude” and walk off. tell me how im being rude and i will try to fix it.

  • do: explain how i have done something wrong. it doesnt have to be a extremely detailed. 
  • do not: say ive done something wrong and walk away. it will leave me confused and nothing will be resolved

its not that hard

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-this is a reply I made on youtube on why I think they don’t destroy them

Because if something is being haunted to this level, they would just manifest into something else which could make the situation worse depending on where they go if they manifest into something at all which is far worse because they will be more powerful and can do more damage. Plus due to how they died and the factors around it, it very hard to get them to move on without risking more lives than they are now, plus such a process is a lot more expensive.

The place is open during the day to A) pay for the damage that is caused and hiring security, as well as other expenses. B) to ensure they stay calm and think everything is normal so that the spirits do not become confused and wonder.

As for the power limits its possibly what has been said before because of the lack of money or because if your going to dangle some bait they need to think that they can catch it, like with cats if they are not able to catch their target (cat toys…..) they will get bored and look for something else to do which will mean that having the guard there is pointless to begin with to keep them in anless they make it so that can kill someone once in a while.

From the manner they act towards the guard it can only suggest that not only the killer was an employee dressed up in the companies costume but also a guard assigned to watch the resturant on the nights of their murders, plus the reports mention the events happened at night which also explains why they are more active at night. And they probally reinacting how they where killed by shoving the guard to death into a company suit but they are not in a complete fixed circle which indicates its out of revenge and anger, plus Freddy’s movements seem to be a way of taunting the guard.

Golden Freddy is more likely to be one of the other childen, but probally because of how they died and how little was left of them afterwards might be the reason why they are less active and take longer to attack the player. It is probally also the costume that was also used by the killer and was used later to get rid of the body. It is unlikely haunted by the killer or the past guard because of the lack of reactions from the other spirits, but because how little that there is of them left it takes more to make it manifest towards the player (the poster).

Because of how Foxy reacts towards the player and his condition it can be guessed his death was very violent and indecent in nature, which explains why he is uncomfortable with being looked at too much or too little as well as the factor he charges to the office to kill the guard, screeching and how he bangs at the door.



are you a real human being?


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A few tips everybody should consider. I’ve experienced all those and some more. I’m not good at english but I hope you get it. Go and support some artists out there and let them draw you nice shit. Not as nice as FairyNekoDesu but still will be cool so give them a chance and you’ll be surprised.


All of these things.

Especially the deadline. If you don’t have a deadline thats way in advanced it’s not gonna get done by then. I am almost always taking on a ton of projects at once and sometimes need a break from it to: work on stuff for me, work on stuff for friends, search for jobs, be the work slave of parents, actually relax and try to relief stress, technical difficulties, researching on how to do stuff, ect.

Sometimes it’s done in a day. Sometimes it’s done literally a year later. But I always update the people I work with so they know I haven’t forgotten.

Do NOT rush your commissioner. Let them work at their pace and it will be worth it. Rushing them insures a rush job which will very likely make the quality decline.

All this is true. Also, ref sheets are the most important thing ever. I can’t stress that enough. They make the job A LOT easier (instead of having to compare 10 different pics between each other and see that everything fits, you just look at 1!!)  If you plan in commissioning your character a lot, or even if its not yours (like from an anime or something) Either commission one or look for ref sheets of the show (because there are!).

Also i strongly suggest not using Instant Messaging. Information can be lost pretty easily there and it’s hard to come back to it. Use emails instead. The info stays there, and it’s easy to search for it. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the descriptions, so if either the client or artist made a mistake, you can see the email threads and see who’s right straight away.

also pushy clients LOVE instant messaging. Pls no.

All of this ^

Oh god yes this.

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